Hello, I’m Sarah Atkinson

I’m a storyteller.  I make connections by weaving tales through words, sounds, images.

My style is collaborative. I have things to contribute. I have things to learn. There are dots to connect, dots we can’t even see yet.

My strength is digital, my world is real.  It goes against my grain to single out any one medium over the other.  My stories resonate across web, print, mobile, television, social, into 3-dimensional life.

Trends interest me. Ideas intrigue me. People fascinate me. What interests them interests me.

I’m a Technophile. I play with new fangled gadgets like a kid. No fear. No doubts.

I like to experiment.  Far-reaching.  Analytical and measured.  I like to make the impossible a reality. I like to land back on my feet.

I am often pensive. I find rejuvenation in reading books, blogs, magazines.  I like to imagine possibilities. And I like to bring them to life.

I’m a fan of the serial comma and the semi-colon. (But I don’t get to use them much professionally.)


Let’s Exchange Stories

I’m interested in your story. Tell me who you are. Drop me an e-mail message at contentreveler@gmail.com.

I enjoy discussing content trends and exploring content possibilities for businesses. I love to talk brand and ux storytelling.

Find  me on Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah333 

Follow me on Twitter: @sarahatkinson and @contentreveler

Browse my portfolio samples: http://VisualCV.com/sarahatkinson

A Few Random Things About Me

  • I own two guitars, a clarinet, and a mandolin, but I rarely play them anymore
  • I love music
  • I write short fiction
  • My fashion style is classic with a twist (of something whimsical, trendy, or unique)
  • Two of my heroes are Dr Seuss and Willy Wonka;  I appreciate absurdity and dabble in nonsense
  • I admire the teachings of Mother Teresa and the Dalai Llama; integrity, compassion, and forgiveness are three of my favorite things
  • Elf is my classic holiday movie, I watch it every year
  • I’m a regular reader of the comic book Emily the Strange
  • I want an old world bicycle from the Dutch Bike Co, complete with a front basket for grocery shopping and racks over the back tires for laptop and books, and  fender guards so I can ride in a dress and cruise through mud puddles
  • I (used to) love to rollerblade
  • I make outrageously delicious brownies
  • I did the Couch to 5K program with the help of an iPhone App. Then I ran a 10k, a 10 mile race, and a half marathon.
  • I have a Twitter account where I Tweet about unique, boutique items I find online and in real life @findersboutique



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